First hurdle…. Completed

First hurdle…. Completed

Ahhhh gottcha.

So another week has passed with a lot of work being completed, as mentioned in the previous post ready for Wednesday 18th we were required to have 14 A3 design sheets and 1 A3 storyboard. I’m pleased to report that I comfortably completed this task, but first let me take you back to last Friday…..

We had a lecture with the course leader Dr Clara Watkins, we were given a very interesting task. She asked us each to stand up in front of the class and state our revised brief, while for the next 60 seconds the rest of the class write down both speculative and realistic ideas on sticky notes, passing them back to the individual at the end of the minute. I was quite reserved when she first mentioned this task as I thought I would just get several repetitive ideas, but after reading 50+ sticky notes I was very surprised to see how many different ideas had been mentioned. I mean yes some ideas were repeated, but maybe this is because its a good idea? Some ideas were very speculative one asked why don’t we grow our toe nails out, turn them into a hoof? Another mentioned skin toughening removing the need for footwear? Some ideas were written down a few times these were, modular footwear, upcycled footwear and removable soles.

Over all I was very impressed with the responses I received and they definitely helped me during the early concept ideation stage!

Before beginning concepts I remembered in previous years, like the drill project we were given a line drawing of the internals to draw around, this made designing so much easier and gave you a scene of size and form. So I decided to use a similar method for this project, I grabbed a few images of trainers and feet of the internet put them on a A3 sheet and away I went!

Below are the designs I came up with, some more ‘out there’ than others:

There we go 56 different designs, I wouldn’t say I’m out of ideas but I thought this was a sufficient amount to take into the next meeting with Richard. I also had to design a storyboard that clearly illustrated both the problem and the need, here it is below:

Storyboard Updated.png

Moving onto Wednesday, it was time to present all of my ideas to Richard and the group. I was feeling confident as usual but after seeing that some of my peers had rendered their drawings I instantly regretted not rendering mine…. Oh well you live and you learn! I spent a good 5 minutes discussing at length about several of my designs, I believe Richard and the group understood the reasons behind each idea. After I had finished presenting we all had a discussion about the ideas I had just shown, the group especially liked the idea of interchangeable soles so this idea is definitely a runner. Another was the ideas that looked at different kinds of fasteners over the traditional lace. My storyboard went down well, even though it was basic everyone said they understood what it was trying to convey which was good.

I imagine your getting used to this part now….. So for next week we have to complete another 10 A3 sheets, whiling rendering any ideas that we plan to develop. He would also like us to research into potential materials that we might use for our products.



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